Friday, December 22, 2006

never start a knitted gift this late!

I should know better. In fact, I've patted myself on the back for knowing better. But then I succumbed to the temptation to make a knitted gift at the last minute.

Bad news.

About a week ago (not quite the last minute, but close), I found a wonderful pattern for a hat (Piggle from the latest issue of Knitty). I picked out the most wonderful purple yarn (Dalegarn) and started knitting. It was a lace pattern, which was new to me (despite having knit for 30 years!). Finally got the whole thing finished, and it was just adorable.

And it's too small.

It's supposed to be one size fits all, but it's not going to fit. Was it my gauge? I didn't do a test swatch (bad Tracy!), so that's the likely reason. And I know I don't have the time, patience, or fortitude to do it again in time for Christmas.

So, looks like I'll be stretching out Christmas into the new year.

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Fiberjoy said...

Arriving here via Celtic Jo's blog I've enjoyed reading through your posts.

Will you be posting a picture of this too small hat? Did you enjoy lace knitting? The cardigans you knit your boys are smashing, as is the Starmore. Can you make it into a vest?

Once my kids hit the preschool-kindergarten years they had to stay on their beds for one hour after lunch(my sanity hour). They could quietly look at books if they weren't sleepy. That hour helped preserve all of our sanity.