Sunday, March 04, 2007

cable-y goodness

Quinn is done...YUMMMMMMMM! The last time I posted about this one, I'd just finished the top band of cables:

And here's the finished bag, photographed in the weak light of a Boston late-winter day. It was so much fun to do--I love the deep texture of this pattern, worked in Rowan Yorkshire Tweed Aran yarn. I have to admit I didn't like working with the yarn--I found way too many knots (I found three in one ball of yarn!), and the yarn was so weak that it ended up breaking a few times. But the end result is beautiful!

To finish it off, I sewed a lining of brown cotton with a matching brown zipper at the top. The original pattern didn't specify a lining or closure, but I wanted to use this as a handbag rather than as a tote, so I thought a lining would make it more durable and a closure a necessary security measure. Also, the original pattern called for a three-strand braid of i-cord for the strap. I like my straps a bit wider, so I made a 5-strand i-cord braid instead. It's a little stretchier than I'd like, but it works just fine.


Fiberjoy said...

That chocolate yarn is scrumptious! What a great pattern, thanks for the link. Ideas for weaving small bags have been bouncing around in my head. This adds fuel to the fire. :-)

Odelia said...

You write very well.