Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Getting ready for the garden

Okay, so the snow has just barely melted and the backyard is like a bog, but I've got gardening fever! The bulbs are starting to break free of the soil, the rhubarb is pushing its cheery red stalks above ground, and soon, the weeds will take it all over! But right now I'm in fantasyland, thinking this is the year my front garden finally gets that lush English cottage look, that my magnolia tree will bear more than one blossom, and that the raspberries won't go moldy before I have a chance to pick them.

Oh, and while I was at the store picking up yet more gallons of milk (for thirsty boys!), I saw the cutest gardening tools for kids. SpongeBob and the Backyardigans--it doesn't get better than that (if you're 5 or under). Perhaps the Easter bunny could be persuaded to include them in the Easter egg hunt this year...!


Fiberjoy said...

Do you have seedling growing inside? My violin teacher lines her window seat with trays of growing goodies.

Tracy said...

For years, I've tried to get seedlings to grow, but I end up with spindly things that never make it. Weak northern light from the windows just doesn't seem to be enough, and I don't have the room at the moment to set up some grow lights. Someday, though, someday!