Wednesday, March 28, 2007

He was a good friend

This is Fonzie.

He looks grumpy in nearly every picture I have of him. Not at all! Though independent, he loved people and would drool like mad when you petted him and purr as loudly as could be.

He forged a special bond with Alec, and the two usually curled up together whenever they slept.

Fonzie passed away today. He will be missed very much.


Fiberjoy said...

How old was Fonzie? He looks very much like our cat silkie. It's the greenish yellow eyes that makes them look mad.

I'm sure your family and Alice will miss him.

Tracy said...

I'm not sure how old Fonzie was. Ours wasn't his first home--he came to us from an ex-boyfriend, who had adopted Fonzie after Fonzie's first owner passed away.He must've been at least 10, perhaps older. He was a beautiful, sweet-natured cat...

Anonymous said...

Ex-boyfriend? Oh yeah, the guy whom you chose--out of all the men you encountered in your first 36 years--to father two adorable sons for you.